Lérins Basketball Camp - Summer

The basketball camps are organized for the 12th year on Sainte Marguerite Island off Cannes.
Our trainees are housed in the restored fort of Sainte Marguerite Island. They are grouped by age and affinity in rooms of four or six. They can circulate in this mini village safely, and take full advantage of this splendid architecture classified as an historical monument.
Trainees are grouped by age to practice their activities and training.

- Basketball (4H30 / day) and water activities (2h45 per day)
- Intensive basketball and occasional water activities (1 or 2 sessions / week).

du 6 au 10 Juillet 2020
du 13 au 17 Juillet 2020
du 20 au 24 Juillet 2020
du 3 au 7 Aout 2020
du 10 au 14 Aout 2020


Includes 3 meals + afternoon tea, accommodation, basketball and extra-basket activities (nautical activities), shuttle bus ride, complete Destination Basket outfit.
Tariff reductions
2 registered from the same family: -30 € on the total amount
3 registered from the same family: -45 € on the total amount
4 registered from the same family: -60 € on the total amount
Group of 7 registered from the same club: -15 € per registration


Sainte-Marguerite Island off Cannes, the largest of the two islands, is a haven of peace where nature has remained unspoiled. It covers 150 hectares. The remarkable beauty of this site is due in particular to its 150 hectares of alpine pine forest, umbrella pines and eucalyptus and the richness of its seabed. In Sainte-marguerite, car traffic and bike rides are prohibited.


Sunday 1 p.m.- 4 p.m.: registration and installation
5 p.m.: trainees evaluation
8 p.m.: Tournament
From Monday:
morning: training by workshop, training by playing position and workout
afternoon: training by teams and others activities.
In the evening: tournaments,
Wednesday afternoon: tree-top-walking,
Saturday morning: final tournaments and competitions, all star game,
Saturday 11.30 a.m.: awards ceremony and closing.


What is it? After the morning session each trainee has the opportunity to work with the coach of his choice on an aspect of his game that he wishes to improve. Those one-hour sessions take place in individual coaching or with reduced team (3 trainees maximum). We use the method BASKETBALL TRAINING CONCEPT (find all the information on this method on the website HERE

Typical Day

7:45 am: wake up and breakfast
9 am - 10 am: collective warm-up and individual fundamentals
10 am-11:15 am: workshops and work by play stations
11:15 am – 12 am: pre-collective fundamentals, fast play and match
12:15 pm: meal
13:30 pm-14:15 pm: rest, relaxation, home
14:15 pm -17pm: water activities
5 pm: rest, relaxation, home
19h: meal
20pm-21:30pm: competitions and animations tournaments
9.30 pm: shower and return to calm
22:30 pm: lights off

Professional players visits

During the stay our trainees get the opportunity to exchange with professional players present on the camp by challenging them (contest) and by taking advices from them.

MAX KOUGUERE Sharks d’Antibes et international centre africain

The Camp

Whether you want to spend holidays practicing your favorite sport or you aim to improve your skills in a friendly but rigorous atmosphere trained by coaches (coaches of training centers and centers of up-and-coming players) you will find the best conditions and formula that perfectly suits your expectations.
Based on the American basketball camps models, the teaching team composed of state-certified coaches, helps you to progress. We propose 4 hours and half to 6 hours of practice each day depending on ages and aspirations.

The focus is set on the work of individual essentials, pre-collective essentials (reduced team: 2 against 2, 3 against 3) and collective 5 against 5. A significant part of our training focuses on the improvement of physical skills and qualities as mental preparation.

Our educational contents are studied and adapted to the age and personal goals of our trainees. Great attention is given to the recovery and prevention of injuries under the responsibility of our physiotherapist

The team

The organization part :
- A director and a deputy director
- a secretary
The health and injury management part :
- A health assistant, a physiotherapist, fire station near the accommodation center.
- Trainees are supported 24 hours a day.
The technical part :
1st and 2nd degree state patented coaches and federal patents. Many of them have attended the high level and are distinguished by the quality of their pedagogy, their methods and their professionalism. A coach for 8 trainees.
The free time part :
BAFA animators enliven the moment of rest.
Are offered board games and a room with TV (projection of pro games, youth dvd ....) and games (baby foot, darts, games of skill ....).

Water activities

They are supported by the sailing school of the Lérins Islands and their qualified instructors.
It includes sailing (optimistic, mini-catamarans, catamarans and windsurfing), sea kayaking and stand-up paddling.
Hiking with picnic cn be an alternative depending on the weather conditions, are offered between the two islands, navigation, or water games, kayak basket ...
The choice of boats depends on the age and level of practice of the child.

The summer camp luggage

- Underwear for 5 days
- 5 pairs of sports socks
- 1 pair of plastic sandals or special water sports shoes
- 1 pair of clappers (relaxation)
- 1 Swimwear
- Beach towels
- 1 cap
- 3 shorts

- 5 t-shirts
- 1 sweet
- Pajamas
- Clothes for the evening
- Toilet kit
- Sun cream
- sunglasses
- Sheets and blankets are provided

* Do not bring valuables! Destination Basket declines any responsibility in case of loss or theft.

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