Who are we ?

I am a basketball coach with a state diploma of 2nd degree. I have spent many years training young players and developing individual basketball players.

My various positions within Hope Centers or professional club training centers gave me a solid experience as well as collaboration with NBA franchise coaches and Slovenian coaches.

However, I thought for a long time about the difficulties that basketball players may have to practice their favorite sport during the holidays (closed infrastructures, coaches on vacation ....)
The idea of creating basketball camps was born. An idea motivated by noble objectives: The sharing of the same passion, the learning of community life, the respect of the environment, the meeting and exchange with professional players and especially to offer children the possibility to live an unforgettable experience and vacation.
From these collaborations and meetings were born the basketball camps on three different sites of the Côte d'Azur: RIVIERA BASKET CAMP, LERINS BASKET CAMP and VALBERG SUMMER CAMP.

Very quickly experienced and passionate coaches as well as professional basketball players eager to share their passion joined the project.
With them we have created and developed BASKET BALL TRAINING CONCEPT by putting our skills at the service of young players, players (and) hopes and professional players eager to improve. We have formed a real team of coaches with each ones specialties.
Thus we offer training "à la carte" after assessing the needs of each player who requests it. See details by clicking on: HERE

Finally, we have created a Summer Camp (RIVIERA ELITE CAMP) for professional players and players who are destined for a professional career.
See details by clicking HERE



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