Advice and assistance with player orientation

  For the young players

IIt’s a fact : There is a lack of information concerning the appropriate ways to mix intensive basketball practice and education towards the high-level.
Using a strong network, with training centers and recruiting scouts working for high-schools and colleges in the United States, we give advice to the players. Our services include the first contact and the follow-up of the player.
We improve the capacities of the players and prepare them for scouting detections.

Our goals :

1. Form the players : improvement of their skills (fundamentals), knowledge of the game (also called QI basket), mental aspects (being capable of enduring important physical weight and facing strong oppositions), improvement of physical capacities (speed, power, jumping…)
2. Advice on the choice of team, advice on the training centers of professional clubs.
3. Establish a contact with professional training camps (training centers of professional teams), recommend our players to coaches of the French elite championship, as well as American universities for scholarships.

We create opportunities :

1. During the training that you choose, we will film and make a video
2. We will send it to coaches in professional organizations
3. Meeting with the coaches during the camps or in small group training
4. Training camps in France and other countries
Our organization is recognized. Our partners approve our criteria of selection.

  For the professional players and youth players

Our camps allow the players to meet professional coaches, general managers of professional teams and agents.
The camps we organize in foreign countries make it possible to get in contact with scouting agents and professional European clubs.