Player development

Individual trainings or in small groups (4 players maximum)
• For young players : We provide weekly trainings every Wednesday and Saturday (small group sessions), and other days upon demand
• For professional players : Our training sessions improve the individual capacities of the players. Our trainings reinforce the player’s trainings with his club during the season, during the recovery of an injury, or after a season without being on a team…

A new way of training !
Even though each player needs a collective spirit, we focus on the individualization of the training and the progress of the player.
We develop the capacity of the player to evolve out of his comfort zone so he may reach a higher level.
But we also prepare him to resist a strong opposition, repetitive physical demands, all through an intense physical preparation, designed to raise the speed, the strength, the explosivity, the dexterity and the skills of an individual. To sum up, every aspect required in high-level competitions. The program designed by our coaches is addressed to players who want to optimize their training sessions, and acquire every skill needed to reach the highest level possible. We use an innovative concept where all exercises are done with precision and intensity, where the use of learning tools and technology is omnipresent.

The attention to detail and knowledge of the game of our coaches allows them to drive the players towards excellence. They communicate their enthusiasm by participating actively in the exercises (the coaches train with the players) so the skill transfer is optimized. They push the players out of their comfort zone for them to acquire new skills and insist on repetition to reinforce those already mastered.
The program is designed to develop the capacities in many fields : technical, physical-tactical, dexterity, knowledge of the game but also in self-confidence and motivation.

• At this location we welcome daily players who wish to focus on their training, by completing individual sessions, where they will be trained by coaches specialized in individual trainings and the perfection of the skills. It is a unique structure, built for young club players, professional club’s youth affiliates and bases, but also professional players. The trainees can come practice according to their schedule and needs. The academy welcomes them punctually or regularly at SOPHA-ANTIPOLIS, CANNES LA BOCCA (near the aerodrome) and at the CREPS DE BOULOURIS 5Saint Raphael)

The training sessions are available individually, in a low number (3 players maximum) or in small groups (6 players maximum).
Each player can schedule his trainings according to his needs and availability.

Program’s presentation :
Improve the dexterity (with the help of innovative tools)
Develop the shoot capacity (shoot-at-the-hoop trainings and the use of videos)
Progression of offensive moves (or just « moves »)
Dominate the rebounds and the improvement of defensive skills.
The knowledge and capacity of mastering specific game situations such as « pick’n roll, screens, transition plays, etc.. »

Physical training
Our fitness trainer provides training in the following fields: Strength development, power, coordination, speed, velocity, flexibility, cardio and recovery.
We teach a work ethic and discipline, intensity and repetition are the key words

• Prices
Individual session : €55
2 players session : €45 / player
3 players session : €35 / player
Reduced rate if you would like to subscribe to our trainings:
06 22 73 45 57